The terrace of the Badia: a window over the city


Chiesa della Badia di Sant'Agata

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Chiesa della Badia di Sant\'Agata 37.502994, 15.088413

The “Badia di Sant’Agata” (St. Agatha’s Abbey), important monument in front of the Cathedral (Vittorio Emanuele II street), from the great terrace of the dome offers one of the best panoramas over the city, with a 3,00€ ticket. The church was built mainly by Architect Vaccarini, and was opened in 1742. The old stairs are in good conditions, with good light and air circulation, but the last part of them, in spiral form, can be tiring for some people. It will be very interesting, during the visit, a look to the original roof of the structure, built according to sicilian tradition, with “dammusi” (false vault made by wood, gypsum and reeds) and sicilian shingles (coppi siciliani) over the bell tower.


The spiral stair to the dome.


Original XVIII cent. “dammusi” (false vault).


The bell tower.


The sicilian shingles (coppi siciliani) over the bell tower.


Piazza Duomo (Duomo square, notice the flag of the Holy See in front of the Cathedral).


Piazza Università (University square and, in the back, via Crociferi).

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