How to move in Catania

amt1Much of the monuments of the city of Catania are concentrated in a small area, the historic city center. This allows you to see almost everything moving on foot and by making a light use of public trasports. Catania is also equipped with a small subway, and a network of regional buses.


Buses in Catania are operated by the local municipal company of transport (Amt). Service has improved in the last period with a larger number of vehicles in circulation and therefore less waiting time and overhead with buses arriving.
The most important lines for tourists are:

  • the Alibus connecting the center with the airport (cost, route and schedule here).
  • The D line that starts from Piazza Borsellino and connects with the beaches of playa, find routes and schedules here.
  • The line 935 passing via Etnea (starts at piazza della Republica) and provides access to the promenade and the coast north of Catania (scogliera), find routes and schedules here.

Tickets must be validated immediately after rising on the bus at the machines (often work only the ones in the front of the bus), if these do not work (it can happen) you should ask to the driver. Drivers are often poorly prepared in foreign languages ​​but they try to help the tourists as they can.
In the bus is always advisable to be careful of pickpockets, especially when the bus is crowded.
Amt Tickets are valid on all buses of the company (identified by the presence of orange) except alibus who own an other specific ticket.
City buses begin service at 5 am and stop at 24.
There are three different types of tickets:

  • the single ticket costs € 1 only applies to the bus for 90 minutes amt.
  • The day ticket costs € 2.5 and is valid for the whole day always just for the amt bus.
  • The integrated ticket costs € 01.20 and is valid for both bus amt and subway line, always has validity 90 minutes.

Tourists can also use the Catania pass .

You can find timetables of all urban lines here.
 Extra urban bus lines
From the square opposite to the central station there is the bus terminal. From the terminal starts the bus lines that connects Catania to  the neighboring cities. Several companies (some regional) involved in these service:

  • Ast (site here, with timetables and costs) especially makes connections with municipalities and foothills of the eastern and southern slopes of Etna.
  • FCE (site here, with timetables and costs) especially makes connections with the area of ​​the plain of Catania.
  • Interbus (site here, with timetables and costs) makes longer routes linking Catania with Taormina, Siracusa, Messina etc.
  • Sais (site here, with timetables and costs) effectual trate the longest inter-connecting with the towns of Enna, Palermo and Messina.

Warning tickets for city buses do not apply to those extra urban lines, these tickets are shoppable  at the ticket offices of the individual companies. For fce and ast you can buy travel tickets also in tobacconists.

The subway of Catania consists today of a single line with a total length of 3.8 km. Along the line there are six stops: Borgo, Giuffrida, Italy, Galatea, Station, Porto.
You can purchase travel tickets at tobacconists or newsagents or Amt’s kiosks  (integrated tickets from € 1.2).

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